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Business Technology Implementations

Techlabs is our technology lab wherein we innovate Information Techlogy to make it Business Technology and re-write the story of 1 & 0. We develop web applications, website developments, android & IOS applications, Digital Marketing & Standalone Application Development for your Start Ups, for MSMEs, SMEs and any types of businesess.

Web Application Development Services

WD - Web Development

We provide comprehensive web application development services for Start Ups, MSMEs, and SMEs. Few of these are :

  • Website Design and Development Services.
  • Web application development and deployment services.
  • Website Architecture Design Services.
  • Website Maintainance Services.

Strategic Digital Initiative Services

DI - Digital Initiatives

We provide Strategic Digital Initiative Services to Start Ups, MSMEs, SMEs and other business organisations. These digital initiatives include Digital Marketing Services, Web Content Generation, & Digital Branding Services. Few of these are :

  • Social Media Marketing Strategies.
  • Search Engine Optimisation Services.
  • Digital Branding Services.
  • Web content writing services.

Information Technology Enabled Services

ITES - IT Enabled Services

We provide IT Enabled Services like Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) & Learning Process Outsourcing (LPO) services. Apart from this, we provide IT Management Services and IT Help Desk Services. Few services are:

  • Client Support Services
  • Market Analysis Services
  • Brand Value Analysis Services
  • Tech Support Services

Call : 9893920032 | EMAIL : BUSINESS@HUMSYS.IN

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