Learning Management Solutions


Learning Management Solutions

Vidwaan is our Learning Management Programme. Learning has never been so interesting and experienced with Parallel Academic Learning Experience. Our Learning Management Solutions for School, Colleges, Job Aspirants and Corporates have been admired by the beneficiaries. Our beneficiaries are Freshers, Students who were unable to understand the studies, Professionals who wanted to grow in their career and youth who wants to start their business.

Innovative Learning Management Solutions

Vidya - The Knowledge

We provide Parallel Academic Learning Experience to Primary School, Middle School & High School students to ensure they appear the examination with complete knowledge and adequate learning. PALE is divided into 4 steps, i.e.

  • Assessment of Strength & Weakness of Students
  • Enhancement of Strength & Conversion of Weakness into Strength.
  • Development of Learning Path & Accelerating on the defined path.
  • Simulation of Studies, Tests, Exams & IQ Path.

Competent Candidate Gets the ring

Gyan - The Competency

Gyan – The Competency is the program which is designed and developed for college students to prepare them for their first Job and Career into the corporate world. Few of these are :

  • In-Depth Subject Knowledge of Courses.
  • Working on Communication Skill.
  • Defining a Career Path and moving on the path.
  • Adequate technical knowledge.

Job Oriented Courses

Karman - The Work

Karman – The Work is our Job Oriented & Executive Development Programme in which we provide intense learning on Jobs & Careers. Few of these are :

  • Job Interview & Communication Skill.
  • Corporate Ethics & Regulations.
  • Leadership Development Programmes .
  • Business Technology Skill Development.

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